Fate's Intertwined (part 3)

He rolled up behind David and tipped his hat to us and said hello my names Gorden. He pulled up a chair ordered a soda and joining us at our table. So here we where a bunch of men who left early this day alone and silent now all sitting together at a tavern drinking enjoying good stories and beer. The LT, David, Gorden, and me Matt were just chilling having a good time getting to know each other. We all told stories of our past and how we got to this point. David was a college grad working of his masters when the economic down turn hit. So he decided to search for another means of funding his schooling, which at this point was privite military contractors. LT. Like I thought was a well educated man who worked construction and had decided to go back to get an education right before the economic down turn, so like David he decided to work for a PMC to get the money to go to college and finish. Gorden didn't really have a story to tell. I think he more did it for the excitement and chance to get out and see the world.
It wasn't before long that the tavern was closing and I found my self in bed and even then it wasnt too long before I found my self on the bus and on the road again. It was an beautiful morning cool aournd 60 degrees with a light breeze from the north, a perfect day for a road trip. The four of us sat in the back of the bus as a group which I found a little strange but I didn't care i had made aquantances prospective friends and that ment this was non longer a solo journey. I can only imagine the others were thinking the very same thing. I had picked up a paper on the way out the hotel and was skimming it as we continued onward that day.

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