Mensis Infernum

Its been four weeks since we arrived at Liberty Lake. everyday we got up at 0400 we had to shower, shave brush our teeth and make our beds all in 20 minutes. all the that we are learning at this point seems pointless, march here, double time it there, fall in and line up, again and again with physical training intermingled. i guess its a reasonable assumption they are weeding out the undesirable's from the group because of the total we started with half have failed out or been transfered to other divisions. it funny how some people still cant adjust to the situation, like Samantha. She is still shocked and shy when we all hit the showers. I still remember the day she came in to the barracks, she looked so amazing, it was like Lara croft had enlisted and ended up in my division. she was about 6 feet tall average weight, long dirty blond hair pulled back and braided. She was a fit women and as fate would have it a field engineer as well. Samantha was a transfer from another division after needing medical attention from a training accident. Iv never thought twice about the matter and seen a unisex shower as another part of training, we are a unit and family and we need to feel comfortable around each other know each other even understand each other. so from me i think nothing of it. The next few weeks as she gets more involved with us her ability to function with the division will be confirmed or dismissed.

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  1. Through the looking glass now, can't wait for more! Just start writing everything that comes to your mind.Don't self edit. Free associate. Magic is about to happen.