De amicitia et societate celebratione

Part of hell months is over! The next four weeks will be our basic infantry instructional time. From what I could gather on the subject we will be learning about the general weapons and equipment any and all soldiers will utilize in the battle field. This would include a week of communication technology introduction with a three day work shop on communication up-linking and communication gear repair and maintenance with one day in class, one day with gear and one day in the field applying knowledge learned to send uncovered data repair unit equipment ect. the last two days includes a day of class room instruction of how to hack and disable communication system with the fifth day being the practice of that knowledge. We had all decided to head in to the local area for R and R. We traveled about 30mins into opportunity,wa where we found a nice local bar. Our party had consisted of me(miles), David, Nick, Gorden, LT., Ein, and 3 women from our division who joined us when they heard we where heading off base. Samantha had decided to join us and she brought two of her friends Ashley and Mary. Ashley was assigned to logistics and Mary was a vehicle mechanic. Ashley was about 5,9 avarge weight, with long blond hair and blue eyes. Mary was 6,0 tall skinny but muscular with black hair and brown eyes. Since we where still in training we had to wear our uniforms when off base. I always like the feel and look of uniforms. Foxhound had no dress uniforms to speak of, at lest none for us so we had to go out in our battle dress uniforms or BDU's for short. We got to the bar around 6pm and decided to all grab dinner first before we started our night of drinking. We searched around and settled for a local diner to eat at considering it served almost anything you wanted.


  1. I have to take issue with your latest destination; I'm fairly certain that Spokane, Washington fell to the Vampirates in 2019.

  2. Is this night of drinking going to stop at 11:00 due to nobility?

  3. I have a feeling Gorden might head in at 11 b/c of nobility.