It was around 10pm when we pulled up to the foxhound processing center. On the way in they had a movie playing kindia summarizing what the next few months would entail. The bus came to a stop and a very large muscular women gone on the bus. She yelled for us to fall out and line yup single file ass to dick. Which I assumed she wanted us to be very close standing wise in line with the person in front of us. So we did as she said, and walked single file into the building. The building itself was made of brick and limestone with 59 flag poles to the right of the tinted black double doors at the front of the building. They were arranged with the united states and Australian states in the outer circles, the united state and australian country flags in the center along with foxhounds flag making up a center circle with a bright beam of light coming out of the ground shining into the nights sky in the very center of it all. We proceeded into the building where apron entering we had to grab a piece of paper and fall into two lines on Esther side of the hall way. We must have stood the for a good fifteen minutes silent standing at attention. At the far end of the hallway we when standing in was a pair of double red fire doors that opened and a man in a business suit with a female and male in military fatigues on eather side on him entered. He walked up and down the two lines looking at all of us, but not saying anything and with out the slightest change in his facial expression. He went off to the side and jotted down what appeared to be notes said a few words to the males accompanying him and all three exited the hallway.

The lady who had escorted us off the bus returned and said we would now begin the in processing. First up our one phone call to who ever telling them we made it to our destination. Few people made a the call. Probably because the bulk of us where orphans, bastereds, homeless, or society's unwanted. Second on the list was unite assigment. We when to the double red doors and made a left down a hallway to a large auditorium at the far end of the second hall way. In there we sat and began to fill out the paper we had picked up when we first walked in. As time went on bus load after bus load of people arrived and enter the auditorium in much the same fashion as we had. When the last bus load of people came in and group of military people came up on stage. One by one the called names and assigned them their military operation spacility or (MOS)and those ranged from infantry to medics, there was logistical support, supply department, artillery, tank crews.the job Ein and I were assigwere to was field support which was in assence to be a jack of all trades, these guys where the radio men the drivers the field medics, the field repairman, these unites did everything that keep the battle going in their area durning combat, fix bridges, anti air systems, tanks what every need to be fixed they delt with it. But they also had to be solders.. LT got logistical support, David and Gorden got infantry, wile nick was assigned to heavy gunners. It must have been dumb luck but all of us were assign to the same platoon. After about an hour people began to fall out in order of there platoon assignments first platoon 1 the 2 then 3 and so on each time there was 30 minutes in between.

By now it was 0200 and we finally got called "platoon 9 fallout". So we all left with each other and the other people of platoon 9 who we didn't know and headed to a room right before the auditorium where we where told to strip down to our undergarments and place all our civilian close into a box. It was rather aquward as no knew anyone really and it was a mixed sex platoon of men an women. but we did as we where told and labeled the box to be mailed to someone or donated to charity. And then sat down in our underwear in a cold room waiting for instructions. Eventually they took us the the room right across from our present room where we walked up a machine scanned us and gave us our measurements for everything. We then walked down tables getting socks underwear a bag of tolitries, a sweat suit sneakers, BDU's, boots, our uniforms, pretty much everything we'd need but our tactical gear. We quickly stuffed everything into a gear bag and retired to our previous room where we had a checklist on the desk waiting for us. We then had to go through the checklist making sure we had everything required. It took a couple of tries but once everyone got there gear we where alled to put on the sweats and sneakers. We then one at a time went up to the front and got our right hand scanned and our photo take and were issues tempory ID cards for limited access and told to keep it on us at all times. After all this was down we where gives a breakfast bag with a bagel butter and cream cheese a bottle of water and milk. We where told to sit here silently eat and await our drill istructures. After about 10 minutes 3 military personal enter told us to throw away what was left of our breakfast and sit down. They did a head count filed us out the door and into a single file line. We walked back to the double red doors and proceed through them. It was a long hallway partially lite with the wall on the right being a glass wall looking out into the courtyard with the flags. We proceeded down to the barracks at the other wing where we where to sleep for the night. We stowed our gear in our footlockers at the base of our beds and went to sleep about 5am.

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  1. I feel David would have called somebody during in processing. He seem's like a pretty complex fellow. Also infantry? He's going to die soon isn't he?