magnum sermonibus

Dinner was rather quiet for us. You would think with this motley group of people there would be so much to talk about. I think it was because we where still use to not talking wile we ate. The food was good and it was kindia funny but half way through dinner we all notic that the others had order a meal they had be craving na missing for a wile. I know for me it was truly one of the first occasion in which I was about to order real food with real credits and I went all out as did the others. On the way to the bar for drinks LT. Poped out of no were and presented us all with a gift of cigars from Cuba very hard to acquire these days but then again that's why he is in logistics. The cigars ending up being the ice break for the evening. We arrived at the bar and aquired a large table out back where we all sat around lite the cigars LT. Provided to us and enjoyed a few puffs. We decided to take this time to enjoy each others company have good conversations and learn about each other some more.

We started talking about random subjects from politics to personal histories. Gorden brought up the current president and asked how we all felt he was doing. My reply was " the current office is doing the best it can with the cards it's been dealt. I have no issues and would re-elect the current president for a second term." LT. Said that the government was. Failure and that a communist like state should be created. David did like the current president but didn't like any of the other options so his reply was go with the lesser of two evils and choose the devil you know over the devil you don't. Ein didn't care one way or another he wasnt in politics so he felt what did it matter. Nick just stayed quiet with no comment. Samantha and Ashley both said they liked things how they where. Thought Samantha comment on the topic and said "Times are a changing and we got the change with them or die". She when on to talk about her past. After the oil crises plunged the world into chaos the united states experienced civil unrest with area becoming lawless and brutal. She was growing up in L.A at the time. Her parents died in the uprising of 2023 when she was 14 leaving her homeless and on the streets. For ten years she said she would wander looking for food or work, doing everything she could to hide run away and avoid the rap gangs. When she was 24 she heard that the corporation Foxhound worked for was looking for new recruits and ran to the nearest recruitment station. She said it was her way out of that hell. Man did I feel for her I could only imagine what that Was like for her. As she was recount these events I could see the sadness in her so I gently patted her on the shoulder to comfort her. When she was done she excused her self from the table and returned a short wile later.

Ashley had a different story her parents where rich she could have gone to any college in the country, but as she approached the age of 20 and learned where the money for her life style came from she wanted no more part of it. David chimed in and asked what we all were thinking. Where did the money come from? It was funny how he asked it and the look on his face we could tell he was quiet taken by Ashley. she went on to talk about how her father made his wealth based solely off what's know as the Tri- state massacre. The Tri-state massacre was an event that happened in 2023 and consisted of 3 city's L.A, Detriot, and New York. Civilians were marching on the streets demanding food and gas when the military opened fire on them killing women children and men. The events lead to all out war between the civilians in the city's and the military lasting 7 days at the end of which 20,000 civilians died. He father was the man who supplied the military with the gun, ammo, vehicles, biological agents and other equipment that lead to these deaths. His company Hammer Industry's was at the time the primary weapons contractor for the U.S military. So Ashley said once she learned of this she disowned her father and enlisted in the PMC. I was rather puzzled that she would choose a military organization after this so I asked. Ashley said that one way to help prevent such an event from occurring again was to be part of the organization and acquire the ability to inactive change. I thought it was rather inspiring and would make her strong with the idea backing her decision.

Mary was a bit different I noticed all night that she had taken to LT. And in fact ordered a scotch on the douglas like he did. She was in canada until 2032 which is when she said she left to find a job in the united states. Due to what was going on in the 2020's the borders to Canada and Mexico where sealed off by a 20ft concrete wall spanning the border. Every 1/4 mile was a guard post with automated gun emplacements in-between them. This wall was maned 24/7 with seismic surveying equipment spanning the ground below the wall to detect tunneling underneath it, these combinations make it almost possible to breach the wall in conventional manners. Mary instead booked passage as a stow away on a boat. It was a week long journey with several search party's from the coast guard searching the boat. Most of her time she said was Spent in the hole with the fish. Only the comforts of old books she said kept. her going through the ordeal, that and the prospect of being an equal and not a second class citizen. As soon as she entered the country she enlisted to gain her citizenship. She had studied at a very pristigest college in Canada, earning a degree in computer science and business management. As she talked More about her self I got the idea that she was a very free spirit. Even enjoyed the idea of classless society's where everyone is working for the better of each other. A pipe dream to me but it would appear an ideal for her. She honestly believes it's possible in America to live that style of life.


  1. Yep very little drinking going on here. Also are they going to fight robots? I feel steam-powered robots would fit in very well here.

  2. You don't write good roles for women, that's why they hit you with cars.

  3. Seriously, why no word about the accident? I had to hear it through the grapevine. I thought we were chums.